Ownership certificates have been issued to all current DBSI State Offices, LLC fund members. Please check your certificate to make sure that the vesting name accurately reflects how you currently hold the investment in the Fund.

Change of Vesting Name

If you require a change in the name vesting because you are moving to a new custodian on your IRA account or moving the investment into or out of a Trust, you will need to fill out a Request To Transfer Form.


The form must be endorsed with a “medallion signature” and returned to:

Registrar and Transfer Company
Attn: Investor Relations – Issuance 6831
10 Commerce Drive
Cranford, New Jersey 07016

Note: You must include your previously issued certificate along with the completed Request To Transfer Form before your replacement certificate can be issued. Registrar and Transfer Company recommends that you insure your shipment for approximately 1.5% of your investment value as a lost certificate will result in additional costs for replacement.

You may contact Registrar and Transfer company at (800) 368-5948 or email: info@RTCO.com
Reference issuance: 6831 DBSI State Offices, LLC